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“ACTING???? WHAT? But I’m a singer! I’m an instrumentalist! Why on earth would I need ACTING lessons???”

Because the core elements of acting training that apply to music – emotional connection and performance, stage presence, authentic musical connection – is what gives you that edge as a performer.

You spend years learning the technique of your instrument, and the styles that you are drawn to. What you rarely get exposure to is analysis, emotion, and performance excellence!

Benefits Of Acting Lessons

  • Audition trainingactors performing
  • Comfort on stage
  • Freedom of self-expression
  • Next-level performance abilities
  • Deeper connection with your material
  • Notable stage presence
  • Connection with your audience
  • Authentic self-expression

Think of your favorite musicians and singers. We’re willing to bet that while their technique fascinates you, it is their style that moves you: their personality, their freedom of self expression, their willingness to show up in a big way.

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