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Madrigals, the equivalent of today’s pop music, were unaccompanied songs sung by two to eight singers.
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The Meaning and Evolution of A Cappella Music

A Capella music is sung without any instrumental accompaniment. Learn the history and evolution of this style of music with many included examples.

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Humanity has been expressing itself through music for more than 40,000 years.
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The Amazing - And Unexpected - Ways Music Speaks To All Of Us

Why music strikes a chord.

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Check out these great live music events for kids happening this summer in Cincinnati!
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Summer Music Events in Cincinnati - Toedtman School of Music

There are a lot of great live music events happening in Cincinnati this Summer for kids. Check out these terrific options for the entire family!

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Happy Father's Day weekend from Toedtman School of Music!
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Timeline Photos

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During the Middle Ages, musical texture was monophonic, meaning it has a single melodic line.
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Medieval & Renaissance Musical Texture & Instruments

The influence of the Church and the invention of printing were among the factors contributing to the changing music of the time. Learn more.

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