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A Parent’s Guide to Cincinnati Private Music Lessons


On the Vandoren site – Vandoren the legendary maker of instrument mouthpieces – Jenny Maclay wrote a piece about parents getting ready for their children to take music lessons.

Some of the highlights from Maclay’s excellent article:

  1. Listen to your child. If they don’t want to take private music lessons, ask why. If it isn’t a good match with that teacher, consider trying a different teacher. If the students aren’t enjoying their lessons, it’s best that they find lessons they will enjoy.
  2. Interview teachers before starting lessons with them. Finding a good match is very important to the lessons’ success. There are many teachers here at Toedtman, and the right match may not be the first teacher you meet here. Most of our teachers offer free introductory lessons, too, so your child can take a “musical test drive.”
  3. Encourage your children to listen to music. Whether it’s orchestras, or small classical ensembles, or solo performances, or jazz big bands, or small jazz combos – well-performed music does wonders to foster strong practice habits and critical musical habits. Listening to music is a big part of musicianship.
  4. Please pay on time, and please don’t be late for your lesson. Your child should be warmed up, with instrument out and together, ten minutes before the lesson begins. These teachers depend on prompt payment, and as many are freelance musicians, a late payment can equal a missed meal.
  5. If you need to miss a lesson, please give your teacher at least 24 hours’ notice. Different teachers have cancellation policies, so find out how far in advance you need to cancel to avoid needing to pay for the lesson.

For a free music lesson in Cincinnati at our Sharonville studio – on drums, piano, bass, double bass, guitar, woodwinds, trumpet, violin, viola, and voice — contact Toedtman School of Music by calling 513.772.7900, or by filling out our contact form.