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Our Philosophy of Music Instruction

The Greek philosopher, Plato, said that music instruction is the most important of all the arts and sciences for children because it develops equally both the emotional and the rational, scientific sides of the human brain. Music has also been shown to increase IQ, hand-eye coordination, and the power of concentration while providing a means of expressing the deepest emotions of the human soul that transcend anything words alone can say.

Our goals for each student include fostering a lifetime joy of creating music and passing this love of the art on to future generations. Whether a student is preparing for a career in music or simply wants to develop an enduring hobby, our teachers are all committed to making the learning and performing of music a joyous and rewarding experience. As children progress along this path of learning we know that they will also increase their ability to concentrate, develop good study habits and academic self-discipline. Music students also learn to be more self-reliant, confident and well-rounded individuals as they mature into well-educated and cultured adults.

The knowledge of practice methods and good sense of the styles of all kinds of music from Beethoven to the Beatles are indispensable to becoming a skilled musician. Our faculty has not only the educational background but also the years of teaching and performance experience to impart beginning musical fundamentals and advanced techniques to students of all ages, levels and abilities.

We invite you to come in for a free “get acquainted” music lesson visit with one of our faculty members and experience the difference that a highly trained and skilled Cincinnati music teacher can make in you or your child’s journey toward becoming truly well versed in music.

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