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Cincinnati Music school opens again for live music lessons on June 1, 2020

After the Ohio government introduced guidelines for reopening businesses, the Toedtman School of Music made the decision to re-open on June 1st. While we are excited to be reunited with you and our fellow teachers, we are proceeding with extreme caution through this process. Be assured that upon our initial re-opening we will not require teachers and students to return to the building. The return to in-person lessons will be solely at the discretion of the teacher and student.

The choice for students to receive virtual instruction through online lessons are an option that has and will remain available to all students at Toedtman School of Music. We urge any and all those with underlying health issues to choose to continue online instruction and schedule an in-person lesson at a future time when we are able to operate with some sense of our former normalcy. Should a student choose to schedule an in-person lesson at this time, please recognize that Toedtman School of Music is in no way responsible or liable for any consequent health related injuries.

For those that plan to resume in-person lessons June 1st, we want to ensure not only your safety, but the safety of our teachers and our community. In order to do so, we have created new studio protocols that are listed below. We ask that you read over these new procedures and give yourself some time to process all the changes that will be taking place. Your health and safety is our top priority. We have been busy preparing our space and have implemented additional practices into every aspect of our operation to ensure a safe environment for everyone.There will be no exceptions to these current protocols and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation. We empathize that this may not be your typical Toedtman School of Music experience that you are accustomed to, but we believe these measures are imperative in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and help make sure that everyone is protected.

We are hopeful that these changes are temporary and short-lived. However, we believe you will understand the steps we are taking during this time as the best and safest way for us to open – and stay open. This will ensure the health and safety of both our students and teachers so we can remain here for you.

As reopening guidelines are still in development, there may be changes to protocols as a result. If/When there are any future changes we will try our best to keep you up to date. With each necessary adjustment, we will be sure to update our social media and website. So just be sure to check any of these for the latest information prior to your lesson.

New Building / Studio Setup

For now we will be unable to accommodate students arriving early in the building in order to reduce student overlap and help with the implementation of our sanitation practices. {See Check In / Check Out Protocols for further details on arriving for your lesson.) We have removed all chairs from the waiting areas to help reduce gatherings of people and any surfaces prone to contamination. No one should be present in the waiting room areas as this space is only to be accessed by students as the route to teacher studios. At this time, we ask that you bring only the necessities with you to your lesson (mask, keys, phone, wallet, musical instrument, music equipment).

We will no longer be offering water through our water dispenser in the waiting area, and we ask that no outside food or beverages be brought into the building by students. Water required by students for health related issues or for use in their lesson will be able to bring it into the studio with prior approval from their teacher.

Upon entering the building, all students must have their mask on, over nose and mouth, and then must use the hand sanitizer available upon entering the waiting room outside the music studios. We ask that everyone maintain a minimum 6 ft distance from others, except for necessary teacher/student interactions. This includes touchless greetings/goodbyes – sadly, we will not be shaking hands or hugging at this time.

Sanitization practices, detailed in the next section, will be in place for the building, common areas, and teacher studios.

Here Is What Toedtman School of Music Will Be Doing

Every member of our team will be required to wear a mask at all times that covers their nose and mouth when they are inside the building and common areas of the school. If distance between student and teacher in the teacher’s studio is at least 6 feet and this distance between student and teacher will be maintained for the entire lesson, then the teacher and student may individually determine need to wear masks in the studio. If the distance cannot be maintained, then both teacher and student will wear masks for the entire session.

To make sure we are doing all that we can, we have asked that teachers take their temperature before the start of each shift.

Teachers will be sanitizing their studios before opening each day, in-between each lesson, and complete a final cleaning at close of their day. The main doors to the waiting rooms, along with the waiting room area, will be sanitized twice daily, morning and evening. Twice a week the building management has a cleaning service come do a deep clean of the entire office building.

Here Is What We Are Asking Our Students To Do:

Even if an agreement between teacher and student is made in regard to the studio space, students will be required to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth at all times when inside other areas of the building. If you do not have your own, we will have disposable masks for purchase for $2. If you arrive for your lesson and do not have a mask you will need to have your teacher bring you one outside before entering the building.

We ask that you do not come to the building with a fever. We also ask that if you have knowingly come in contact with someone who is sick, you are not feeling well, or you are showing ANY symptoms at all, to please cancel your in-person lesson. If you arrive at your lesson exhibiting any apparent signs of illness, we will be unable to perform any service and you will be charged for the cost of your lesson.

Students are prohibited from bringing guests at this time to further limit gatherings of people.

Check In / Check Out Protocol:

Please wait in your car or outside the building until notified by your teacher via phone and/or text to come into the building for your lesson. We ask that students arrive to their teacher’s studio ONLY after receiving a call or text from their teacher.

No additional people will be permitted in the building to accompany a student – including children, partners, and friends. Regarding lessons for children or those requiring additional assistance and/or accommodations discussed prior with the teacher, one parent or adult may also be present.

When using the elevator to access the 3rd floor of the building, please be respectful of social distancing.

Your teacher will have their studio door open upon your entry to the waiting room area so you may directly enter.

At the end of your lesson, we ask that you allow the teacher to open their studio door for you and then exit the building as soon as you are able to avoid any overlapping students.

Again, we know the above constitutes many changes, adjustments we could’ve never imagined having to consider, BUT here were are trying to figure out the best way to operate amidst a global pandemic. Providing you with the best service is of the utmost importance to us. We are confident that with your help, we can do this. After all, we have only made it this far with your unrelenting support.

Thank you again for your amazing generosity and for being there for us when we needed it the most, with online lessons and now upon re-opening. We hope we can repay the favor and be here for you – though it might look different for a while.

With all the information provided above we know there are bound to be some questions. Should you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. You may reach the owner, John C. Toedtman directly by phone at 513-772-7900 or by email at

Thank you all for your understanding as we navigate this new normal. Please be sure to check our social media and website as policies are subject to change.

Sincerest Thanks,

John C. Toedtman Toedtman School of Music