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Preparing Your Child to Take Music Classes in Cincinnati

A young child can become acquainted with music in many ways. Playing games can do a lot to make those early associations be positive ones. Music is fun! Music helps us move! Dancing is a blast!

Here are a few games that you may want to play at home with your young children, to get them ready for their first music lessons.

Dance Party

Put on some rhythmic music – any rhythmic music you like, really – and dance with them! If you have scarves, or other billowy material that floats in the air, throw it up and watch it sail down. If you have little maracas or egg shakers or rattles, shake them in time! Laugh and play.

Nursery Rhyme Time

Sing some well-known children’s songs, and leave off the last word – have your child finish the rhyme, and fill in the words you leave out. These nursery rhymes are great first melodies, as most are just a few notes, and are comfortably repetitive.

What’s Low? What’s High?

Playing with sounds that are clearly high or low – the rumble of a dishwasher or the scooting of furniture for low, for example. A high sound might be a cat’s meow or the microwave beeping. Which is a high sound? It’s a great way to get them thinking about pitch.

Let’s Tap!

Tapping a simple rhythm on a table, and asking your child to tap the same rhythm, is a fun imitation game. Start with just a few beats, and see if they want to move into longer patterns.

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