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Drum Lessons in Cincinnati

If you would like to find a drum teacher in Cincinnati, you need look no further than Toedtman School of Music in Sharonville. We provide drum lessons and percussion lessons – so whether you want to learn the drum set, or ancillary percussive instruments, we’ve got you covered.

Coordination, Energy and Drum Lessons

Learning the drums requires a lot of energy and a lot of discipline, though that discipline can emerge over time. For a full drum set in jazz and rock, the musician keeps the four limbs independent – most often for kick (bass) drum on the right foot, high-hat cymbal on the left foot, cymbal and tom hits with the right hand, and snare drum with the left hand. Developing the independence of limbs requires dexterity and focus, and a coordination that comes with slow, gradual practice, and adherence to proper form.

Drummers Read Music Charts?

Yes! Reading drum charts, for orchestras or concert band, is a wonderful mental practice, and it feels terrific to be able to follow a rhythmic score in full notation. This is something you will learn by taking drum lessons!

If your child is excited by rhythm and movement, learning to play the drums may be the perfect way to channel that energy, and to develop the focus to pursue an immersive physical practice. The satisfaction and sheer joy that come from playing percussive instruments are highly rewarding.

Meet Our Cincinnati Drum Teacher – Shawn Elsbernd

Our drum teacher, Shawn Elsbernd, is versed in a variety of musical styles, and excels at helping students master the drum set rather than just “play at it.” For any student looking to create a pocket, to set a great rhythmic feel in a band setting, to anchor a jazz combo or big band, or to achieve success playing rock, Shawn is a remarkable tutor. He is widely known for his drum performances in and around Cincinnati, and his high level of percussion instruction. Learning to master the drum set and not just “play at it” is something that you will learn with percussion lessons at the Toedtman School of Music. Meeting Shawn, will be well worth your time if you are interested in improving your drum skills.

Take Drum Lessons in Cincinnati Today!

For Cincinnati drum lessons at our Sharonville studio — contact Toedtman School of Music by calling 513.772.7900.