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Art Lessons – Learn to express yourself through art

Everyone has an innate sense of the artistry in our world. Learning how to recreate beautiful scenes is a very soul-satisfying activity. Jenny Veeneman, our art teacher, is very experienced and qualified at helping you express yourself in various mediums so that you will feel proud of your own artistic work. If you are looking for painting and art lessons in Cincinnati, come in for a free introduction to the fascinating world of art. Water color, oil on canvas, drawing, or photography are all satisfying mediums for human expression.

Description of Art Classes

Beginning drawing fundamentals, such as contour line, negative/positive space, value, balance, composition, perspective and placement are introduced as well as an exploration of color theory, textures, painting techniques, and experimentation with a wide variety of media.

Each student is encouraged to be creative and develop their own unique style.

Lessons times:

Weekly and vary in length according to students’ ages and levels of interest. Most students find that a full hour once a week is the most beneficial for their personal growth and confidence.

Students’ finished pieces are often matted and framed and placed on display at the school, for all to enjoy.

Jenny Veeneman – Artist, offers Drawing, Painting instruction in Cincinnati

Jenny Veeneman

Jenny has been a part of the Toedtman School of Music since 2005, at which time the school most graciously hosted a showing of her drawings, paintings and photography. As the artist-in-residence, the lobby and halls have been transformed into a gallery for displaying her most recent pieces, a pleasant complement to the students’ musical endeavors. Teachers, parents and students frequently visit the artist in her studio to view the most recent creations in process. Jenny’s presentation and style varies, depending upon the media. She often incorporates collage materials to create interesting forms, textures and depth.



In addition to the Toedtman School of Music, Jenny’s work has been displayed in a variety of shows, homes and businesses throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. Most of her original pieces are available as affordably priced limited edition prints and cards. With a background in fine art and teaching, she has had opportunities to apply her talents to drawing and painting instruction in the public schools and at three local home school cooperatives, as well as work with children and adults who have learning disabilities.


By 2007 the artist had received so many requests for instruction from music students at the school that she decided to offer private drawing and painting sessions in her studio. Her philosophy is that anyone, of any age and ability, can learn to draw and paint, if they have the desire. As fundamental drawing principles and techniques are learned, it opens up a whole new way of viewing the world, enabling a person to creatively display what they see on a two dimensional surface. Most find that drawing basics are very helpful when learning to paint.


Artwork by Jenny