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Painting Lessons and Art Lessons in Cincinnati

Jenny Veeneman teaches painting and drawing at Toedtman School of Music. Her original artwork was on display in the school more than ten years ago, and music students began asking if they could study with the artist responsible for those works hanging in our halls and studio rooms.

Jenny Veeneman – Art Teacher at Toedtman School of Music

Among the artistic pursuits Jenny Veeneman teaches at our Cincinnati studio are photography, drawing, water color painting, and oil on canvas. Art classes begin with fundamentals of drawing, such as balance, composition, placement, perspective, contour line, and negative/positive space. We work in a wide range of media and approaches, and explore the full spectrum of expression, from the purely abstract to realistic reproductions of landscapes, and everything in between.

Create Your Own Style

When teaching art at our studio in Sharonville, we encourage each student to pursue his or her individual style. Every person has a natural artist within them – we work to nurture and refine that artistic spirit at Toedtman. As you gain confidence in your own artistic voice, the technical skills and theoretical understanding we develop come to full use.

You can begin with a free introductory lesson, to experience for yourself the joy of learning art. You can develop the artist you already have within yourself, and we can help you.

Create Art!

Art is a tremendously satisfying pursuit. Learning how to translate what you see in the world to a canvas, or to a sketchpad, can shape your perspective on the world. Creating visual works that make you proud, and expressing your emotion through physical art, can transform you.

Art Lessons For People of All Ages

We welcome students of all ages and backgrounds to our Cincinnati art studio. While most students find that one full hour each week is the optimal schedule, we are open to any and all arrangements or frequencies of study.

Take Art Lessons at the Toedtman School of Music in Cincinnati

For drawing and painting lessons in Cincinnati, contact Toedtman School of Music, Cincinnati’s oldest private music school, by phone at 513.772.7900, or through our contact form.