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The Many Forms Piano Lessons Can Take

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Piano teachers are accustomed to different types of students. Since the age of a piano students can be 5 or 95, teachers of private piano lessons are comfortable with varying approaches to the instrument.

Yes, there are some aspects of the study that are universal – scales, fingering exercises, and arpeggios, for example.

There is more to a lesson than mechanical practice, though. As the body of educational research deepens in the 21st Century, we are learning more about how different people learn. Some students are kinesthetic learners. Some are visual. Some rely on their ears. Most people are a mix of the three. However, each student’s brain is wired uniquely. And the connections that bridge the fingers, the ears, and the eyes are very much rooted in brain wiring.

Let’s say you are someone who can pick out melodies by ear. A teacher can work with your natural listening abilities, and help you turn that into fluidity on the piano.

Perhaps you are a gifted singer who would like to accompany herself or himself with piano chords. We can look at a variety of ways that your piano playing can strengthen your singing, and that your vocalizing can improve your feel for piano voicings.

Let’s say you are the parent of a student who is just taking the first steps toward learning an instrument. We have fun games that help draw in a young student, and that make the muscle-memory exercises livelier and more entertaining.

Whatever your natural strengths may be, we can tailor the lessons to let you use those strengths in pursuit of musical abilities. Each student is an individual. We strive to using those individual learning styles when shaping a series of personal piano lessons.