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Guitar Lessons In Cincinnati (Electric Guitar and Acoustic Guitar)

Although playing the guitar may seem simple to the novice, in order to play this instrument well, a certain amount of proper technique must be mastered. A really great guitar teacher who commands a depth of knowledge about the guitar, and also most importantly about music theory and note reading, can best guide the student toward playing the guitar with ease and joy. This is what our school and teachers focus on when providing guitar lessons to adults and children in the Cincinnati area.

Our Cincinnati guitar teachers at Toedtman School of Music are all experienced and some are conservatory trained. These guitar teachers can help any student, from beginning to advanced, improve their skills and musicianship and also provide guidance toward playing in groups and becoming professional. Come in for a free introductory music lesson to experience the best guitar instruction in Cincinnati.

Finding The Right Cincinnati Guitar Teacher

Here are some things to look for in a guitar teacher:

  • Listening

A one-on-one guitar teacher needs to listen to the student. For a successful teaching relationship, the student needs to listen, but the teacher needs to listen just as much. Understanding the student’s learning style takes time and effort. Trying different approaches, and noting which styles of approach find the most success, is a skill that takes years to cultivate. Each student is unique, and learning the individual learning styles of each student is a rare and wonderful talent.

  • Adapting on the fly

Great guitar teachers can improvise on their axes, usually. But can they improvise in their teaching? Hearing their students’ questions and responses, in the moment, and changing their tutelage to respond in kind — that is not something all guitar teachers can manage. Some teachers stick to a script, and follow a pre-determined set of points. That may work well with some students, but many students will have unpredictable responses to each lesson. Fluidity is another skill which needs to be cultivated.

  • Mentoring more than performing

Guitar teachers can all play their instruments well. As a student, you are not hiring a guitarist — you are hiring a teacher. If a teacher insists on playing a lot during a lesson, then that teacher is likely not choosing the best approach, especially for a new student. The teacher is there to inspire, and to encourage inquiry. If playing the occasional example helps spark inspiration or curiosity, then great! But the focus needs to be on the student’s development. The lesson is a chance for the student to flourish and develop, not an excuse for an open jam.

  • Maintaining flexibility

There are many ways to view the guitar. There are also many ways to view music theory. A great teacher should understand and embrace this diversity of methods and intellectual frameworks. Think of the variety with which you can approach the fretboard: through the circle of fifths; through tablature; through reading of classical staff notation; through ear training; through pattern repetition; through scales; through transposition. Each of these methods is valid, and each has its strengths. A great teacher can work with a diverse array of teaching methods.

Cincinnati Guitar Lessons at Toedtman School of Music

We offer instruction on electric guitar, classical guitar and acoustic guitar. If you want to learn to play guitar there is no better place to learn! And even better, how about you just try it out with a free introductory music lesson!

For more information about Cincinnati guitar lessons, contact Toedtman School of Music by calling 513.772.7900, or using our contact form.

Our Local Guitar Instructors In Cincinnati

We offer lessons from accomplished Guitar players and instructors. Our guitar teachers have experience with Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitar in various genres of Music from Classical to Rock. Learn about our guitar teachers:

Brian Armor

Jeremy Collins

John C. Toedtman

Will Toedtman

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