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What are Cincinnati music students saying about Toedtman School of Music?

“John not only taught me technique and the tricks of the trade, but also shaped my whole approach to practicing and making music.  My time at the Toedtman School really helped jumpstart my career.”
Maurice Ellis

“Taking lessons from John has greatly expanded my music theory knowledge, playing ability, and provided the foundation to build my technique and practice approach.  He customizes lessons for what I need as a gigging musician as well as a dedicated student of bass to continually expand my playing skills.  He is a pleasure to work with and my playing has exponentially exploded studying which him.”
Eric Davidson

“I’ve been playing guitar for over twenty years, and when I decided to give bass a try, John C. Toedtman was the first person on my list to take lessons from.  After three months, I learned new ways to practice, new ways to approach studying music, and overall I became a better musician.”
Rick Payne

“I’ve been playing guitar for 48 years.  I decided I wanted to double on upright bass and started taking lessons from John 19 months ago.  I have my first bass gig next month.  There’s no way I could have accomplished this on my own.  John is a great player and teacher.”
Dick Sorice

“The upright bass came into my life 5 years ago, and I hacked around and had fun playing bluegrass with my friends.  When I got to a certain point I decided to take some lessons and found John  18 months ago.  John is an ideal teacher for me.  He refused my bribe to allow me to skip the harder scales (F#, B), and brought much needed discipline to my music.  John’s mellow teaching style resonated with me and not only is my playing much improved, but our whole band is better and we’re playing out now.”
James Larson

“Lessons with John C. Toedtman gave me the technical foundation and motivational drive that has allowed me to pursue a career in classical Double Bass at one of the top music schools in the country.”
Eric Timperman

“Started taking lessons from John about two years ago.  I played upright in high school and am learning to play electric.  John’s technique is excellent.  I am learning technical skills and songs at the same time.  He always pushes me to the limit and I appreciate that!  Thank You John!”
Bryan Cooper

“John C. Toedtman really embraced the musician I was becoming at age 13 but by 18, he had done a wonderful job at chiseling away all the non-sense.  I can’t thank him enough”
Ronal Moon

“I had been taking voice lessons for several years, with modest improvement before finding Amita.  In a short time since working with Amita, my voice has significantly improved, and I have more confidence than ever before.  Amita has a special gift for understanding each student’s uniqueness and is able to communicate what needs to be done to improve his or her instrument.  I’m grateful for her constant challenges to help me rise to the next level, while continuously giving encouragement and making me feel comfortable.  Regardless of your level, you will learn and grow with Amita.”
Holly Shields

“We are so thrilled to have Amita as our son’s voice instructor.  She is always positive and encouraging, and a joy to work with.  She is teaching him confidence and performance skills along with vocal skills and is a wonderful role model for our son.”
The Longenecker Family

“Great school, Will Toedtman is a great guitar teacher, knowledgeable, patient and knows what needs to be learned, and in what order, as well as, communicates that in a clear understandable manner. You learn about the music as well as the guitar.”
Tom B

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