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Building Self Confidence Through Music Lessons

Southwest Buckeye Piano Competition

Much is written about how one-on-one music instruction builds spatial awareness, hand-to-eye coordination, and linguistic abilities. Studies repeatedly show the correlation between private music lessons and increased test scores in both math and verbal aptitude. We also find that practicing written music, and then going “off-book,” helps with students’ memorization skills.

What is not discussed as often, but which is just as salient, is the way that music instruction builds self-confidence.

Music Lessons Are About More Than Just About Learning Music

Weekly development of instrumental ability gives a child the satisfying sense of accomplishment. As scales become more fluid, and phrasing becomes more expressive, the child feels the growth of a new outlet for expression. Like speaking, singing, and laughing, playing an instrument lets us use sound to share emotion.

One of the important aspects of the self-esteem attached to musical study is that the development is self-driven. Musical practice is a solitary endeavor, and one for which the student sets a goal – play the first four measures of this Bach etude at a slow, consistent tempo, for example – and then the student spends a week accomplishing that goal. The student achieves smaller goals each week, and larger goals each month. The understanding is that gradual, daily perseverance leads to results.

Learn AND Perform

With seasonal recitals, students become accustomed to achieving their success in a public setting. By knowing that a date has been set months in advance, and then preparing for that date, the students learn to handle pressure. The student asks herself, “Can I prepare myself to perform on that Saturday afternoon in November?” And the answer returns on recital day: “Yes, I can.” The tenacity of practice, and the payoff from that work, is a wonderful habit for any student to develop.

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