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Cincinnati Bass Lessons at Toedtman School of Music

Want to learn an instrument that can be used in a variety of different kinds of music? Well then, consider bass lessons! Bass is a remarkably versatile instrument, and the study of bass is an excellent pursuit for people who enjoy variety in their musical settings. While other musicians may find their instruments of choice featured in certain styles of music more than others, bass players work in almost all musical settings – jazz, country, R&B, rock, pop, Latin, reggae, folk, metal, bluegrass, gospel, and classical. In classical music alone, the double bass finds itself at home in the orchestra as well as in many chamber-music arrangements. 

For new students interested in rock and pop styles, bass can offer an easier learning curve than, say, guitar. Rather than needing to worry about four to six strings at once, playing chords and multiple notes at once, the bass begins with one string at a time. Bass lines are singable and hummable, and usually easier to hear than the intervals of chords.

“Holding down the low end” of a band is a glorious feeling, as the bass line is the foundation on which the rest of a song is built. The bass is the stalwart hero, the rock-solid core of the tune, and the throb that wins over the listening audience.

Our bass guitar and double bass teacher, John C. Toedtman, is a graduate of the Peabody Conservatory at Johns Hopkins, and has played with several symphony orchestras, as well as bands in a number of styles. John’s students have won scholarships to Boston University, Indiana University, CCM, and Berklee College of Music.

Because bass is used in so many styles and genres, bass players are notoriously in-demand. While guitarists and keyboardists usually find a lot of competition at auditions, bassists and drummers often have their choices of gigs. A great bassist is a rare and wonderful find, as professional musicians are quick to admit.

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For a free introductory music lesson on the bass, contact Toedtman School of Music, Cincinnati’s oldest private music school, by phone at 513.772.7900, or with the contact form below.


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