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Cincinnati Drum Lessons: Playing Grooves That Make the Whole Tri-State Move

cincinnati drum lessons

Give the drummer some! If you are looking for drum lessons in Cincinnati, you need look no further than Toedtman School of Music in Cincinnati.

The drums are the backbone of modern popular music. From the swing of a big band drummer, to the dexterously uptempo sensitivity of a bop player, to the dancefloor dominance of a funk and hip-hop master like Questlove, the drummer has largely defined the direction of modern listening styles.

Drums Hold Down That Fort

It has been said that, if you walk into a room to hear a band for the first time, and you like the sound, it’s because of the drummer. If you walk in and are not immediately drawn to the feel, it’s because the drummer is not delivering.

In rock, drums are king. Whether it’s on the back of Dave Grohl’s thunderous toms, John Bonham’s fathoms-deep thump, Stewart Copeland’s skittering high-hat tapdance, Neil Peart’s acrobatic showmanship, or Ringo Starr’s loping swing, rock music is built around the drummer’s abilities. Truly transcendent drumming requires not only patient and metronomic practice, but coaching. Bashing on a kit in the garage is all well and good, but to become a drummer bands want to hire for gigs and recording work, a student needs the help of a responsible and responsive coach.

Our drum teacher, Alan Toposki, is versed in a variety of musical styles, and excels at helping students master the drum set rather than just “play at it.” For any student looking to create a pocket, to set a great rhythmic feel in a band setting, to anchor a jazz combo or big band, or to achieve success playing rock, Alan is a remarkable tutor.

Cincinnati Drum Lessons – Get Your First One Free!

For drum lessons in Cincinnati, contact Toedtman School of Music, Cincinnati’s oldest private music school, by phone at 513.772.7900, or through our online contact form.