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Cincinnati Music Classes for Kids – Learning Joy, Fun, and Appreciation

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Young kids love music. Dancing, clapping, singing, and celebrating through song are excellent ways for kids to learn and have fun.

Here in Cincinnati, Toedtman School of Music offers three “Joy of Music” classes, for different age levels.

In Wee One, infants discover music through movement and listening. For an infant, having that early access to rhythmic mobility is a huge help. It can do wonders for social engagement. The joy you see on an infant’s face when she or he hears a pleasing piece of music is immediate and heartwarming, too. We introduce some basic instruments to the children in Wee One, but the main focus is to establish the sheer joy of musical experience.

For Little People, our toddler class, the kids move around, listen, and sing. The great singalongs of the toddler world are fun for kids and parents alike, and music is a lovely way for these young kids to communicate with parents, teachers, and each other. In Little People, we also play Orff instruments. The Orff Approach combines music, movement, and speaking in a way that feels just like play. Orff instruments are very toy-like, and many resemble smaller versions of xylophones, marimbas, and drums. That said, we use real glockenspiels, xylophones, bass bars, and rhythm instruments in our classes!

Big Kids Now is our course for pre-school children, and it is an active and creative environment for exploring music. We play Orff instruments, and the kids begin to learn the elements of music. They start to discover musical forms – a verse and a chorus, for example – and take their first steps toward musical notation and reading music. The pre-school kids also begin singing using the Kodaly method, which uses rhythm syllables and sequences to make sight-reading and sight-singing easier.

For Cincinnati children’s music classes at our Sharonville studio, contact Toedtman School of Music by calling 513.772.7900, or by filling out the contact form below.


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