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Cincinnati Tuba Students and Learning Low Brass

tuba and low brass

Much like the upright bass in jazz, or the bowed double bass in an orchestra, or the thunderbroom (bass guitar) in a rock band, the tuba holds a special position of honor.

Holding down the low end is a fundamental duty. It is a badge of honor to maintain the base line and the bass line, to be the stalwart anchor keeping the ship’s rudder intact.

Brass In The Marching Band

In a marching band, the real fuel – the ballast that propels the motion of the ensemble, the weight behind the impact – is the low brass. The tuba players and euphonium players deliver the gutsy push, the fathoms-deep surge, that people in the stands feel in their stomachs. A marching ensemble depends on its tubas and euphoniums to give the overall sound warmth and resonance.

For those willing to take the challenge, the path of the low brass musician is one of honor, integrity, and power. Accept the challenge, and you join a long line of worthy and respectable forebears.

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