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What Girls Stand to Gain from Private Music Lessons in Cincinnati

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Continuing our trend of showing how music lessons can improve academic results….

A German foundation recently awarded a quarter-million-pound grant to a British music psychologist, and the results of that grant are beginning to surface.

Daniel Mullensiefen, a music psychologist at Goldsmiths, University of London, has been looking at the effects of music study at a girls’ day school and boarding school called Queen Anne’s School.

Girls who took few or no music lessons had a more “defeatist” attitude, referred to as a fixed mindset. These students did not progress as quickly in school.

Of the nearly 180 girls who took the tests, those who had studied music had learned that they could be clever. Talent, as they viewed it, was not an innate or inborn skill, but instead something that could be learned and cultivated over time with study.

As one 16-year-old student, Camille Morana, put it, “Doing music has definitely given me so much confidence in other things, such as asking questions in class. You realize you can learn from your mistakes and ask questions and get things wrong.”

Mullensiefen’s study was the inspiration for a May 2017 article in The Times UK by education correspondent Nicola Woolcock.

Music Lessons Can Increase Confidence

Convincing students – particularly female students – that they can learn new skills, and that they can make themselves more intelligent through their work, makes for a tremendous advantage in school and in their subsequent careers.

When the fine motor skills of instrumental performance combine with the broader motor skills developed in sports, the music student is on a clear path toward a confident adulthood.

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