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The Joy of Music – Music for Children 5 and Under in Cincinnati

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The benefits that young children gain from musical play are immense. By having movement – dance, wiggling, rocking, crawling, early walking, early running – be accompanied by music, it starts planting the seeds that music is fun and entertaining, and that our physical motions can be rhythmic. At our Cincinnati music school, located between I-75 and I-71 in Sharonville, we offer group music classes for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Joy Of Music Classes

Our Joy of Music classes are based on the Carl Orff method.  The children play xylophones, glockenspiels, bass bars, and percussion instruments. Not only is it wonderful for coordination and brain development, it is simply fun!! Little kids love music, and love moving.

While instrument lessons generally begin in kindergarten at the earliest, here at Toedtman School of Music we offer classes that begin with infants, years before traditional one-on-one instrumental teaching.

For infants, our Wee One class has us listening together, moving together, and discovering songs for the first time. Lullabyes, nursery rhymes, and simple melodies make the introduction to music an easy, light, and playful discovery process.

For the toddlers, once the children enter their second year, we offer our Little People class. In this more active setting, the kids sing along together. Our young musicians move a lot in this class, which is great for developing balance and coordination as they just begin to walk and run. The more rhythmic music helps their young minds make sense of their limbs, and the singalongs are great for social interactions and parallel play.

In Big Kids Now, our Cincinnati pre-schoolers start doing Kodaly singing, which involves rhythm syllables – “ta,” “ti,” ta-o,” among others. The children begin learning patterns and reading basic music notation. By combining movement with singing and reading, they begin to make connections between sounds, physical actions, and writing.

Looking For Children Music Lessons In Cincinnati?

For kids music lessons at our Sharonville studio – on drums, piano, bass, double bass, guitar, woodwinds, trumpet, violin, viola, and voice — contact Toedtman School of Music by calling 513.772.7900, or by filling out the contact form below.


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