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Music in Cincinnati as an Anti-Depressant

music affecting brain

The mood elevation that can come from music is measurable. Learning it, performing it, and listening to it can help people with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Researchers are gaining more insight into this phenomenon by the month, and as neuroscientific research continues to enter the public sphere, investors are encouraged to support and promote new entrepreneurial ventures in the field.

It is a good time to dive into musical research, and an important moment in the understanding of the human brain. The ways auditory function correlates to other aspects of memory, verbal communication, and emotional response is a field that is expanding quickly.

This research was pioneered by — among others — the late author and professor, Dr. Oliver Sacks, who wrote several books on the subject, including the New York Times bestseller, Musicophilia.

Private Music Lessons – Great For The Mind & Body!

While the science continues to come in, it is a smart time to resume – or start – your own private music lessons, is it not? One-on-one tutelage in instrumental or vocal performance is the surest way that you can tap into your own mind’s growth and healing capabilities. Musical study is also therapeutic in a variety of ways.

The Sync Project is a new company, headquartered in Boston, that is focused on using music as medicine. In a recent article in Outside magazine, Eric Killelea looks at this music-science company and how it came about. The possibilities for biotech and musictech are quite encouraging.

“Recently, Sync has been collaborating with science advisers like Zatorre and musicians including six-time Grammy-winner Peter Gabriel, American singer-songwriter St. Vincent, and British classical pianist Jon Hopkins to embark on the first-ever large-scale study measuring how the structural properties of music—including beat, key, and timbre—affect our brain activity, heart rate, and sleep patterns.”

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