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Take Music Lessons On An Instrument To Help Voice Lessons

Cincinnati Voice lessons are a specialty of our private music school in Sharonville Ohio, and in coloratura soprano Danielle Adams and lyric soprano Jenna Schroer, we are proud to have two phenomenal teachers and coaches who work with students of all ages.

Whether you would like to study classical voice, musical theater, or any type of pop, rock, gospel, or country, Ms. Adams and Ms. Schroer are available to help you develop your craft, connect with your breath, and learn the proper physicality of your natural vocal expression.

Instrument Lessons To Accompany Your Voice

You may find it worthwhile to supplement your voice lessons with instrumental lessons – particularly on guitar or piano.

Being able to accompany yourself on a chordal instrument is a terrific skill to cultivate. If your musical expression includes musical theater or pop, then being able to perform solo does wonders for your poise and confidence. When you accompany yourself, you can play rubato – meaning, you can go faster or slower throughout each song’s flow as your please – which opens up a whole dimension of performance that some singers are usually unable to experience.

Learning the chords to support your voice gives you much more control over the presentation. It also lets you perform anywhere you would like (particularly if you learn guitar) – open mic nights, coffeehouses, on the road, in public, busking, or a myriad of other settings. Really, anywhere.

If you are interested in writing your own songs – or if you have already begun writing original compositions – then having facility on a chordal, harmonic instrument will give you a complete set of tools in your creative process.

For Cincinnati voice lessons and to learn how to sing properly, contact Toedtman School of Music by calling 513.772.7900, or by filling out our online contact form.