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Piano Lessons Simply Make You More Interesting


Over the years, we have seen and shared findings that connect musicianship with brain development. If you take piano lessons, math scores improve. Reading comprehension increases. Hand-eye coordination grows by leaps and bounds.

This is all, of course, absolutely true. The growth of your brain can be aided significantly by learning how to play the piano.

What is discussed less frequently, but what is just as germane, is that piano lessons make you more interesting.

Have you ever seen a party, where adults stand around a piano and sing their favorite songs? Have you ever been out at a restaurant where a pianist entertains the entire dining room? Have you ever seen a business leader make a presentation in which she casually steps over to the piano and accompanies herself for dramatic effect?

Learn Piano – Meet People!

Piano players have an easier time meeting people. Playing piano is a simple way to make a connection with a stranger, or to strengthen a connection with someone you have just met.

Music is a fantastic mechanism for social engagement. It only increases as we become adults, but this social engagement gets a boost for young people in school as well. Piano players are often needed — by choirs, by soloists, by dancers — and is a wonderful gift as a student to have a skill which is needed by others. It does wonders for your self-confidence to have a ballet dancer ask for your assistance in accompanying her solo performance.

Playing a song on the piano is an elegant way to make friends and to break the ice with a potential date — and the songs you play at age 10 will remain in your repertoire when you turn 80.

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