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Six Ways to Inspire Your Kids with Music

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If you are considering voice lessons – either for yourself or for you child – we commend you. We love getting kids excited about sound, and here are a few ways that you can inspire a life-long love of music.

1. Listen Together

Pick out some of your favorite songs, and tell your child what you love about them. When they hear that your favorite music makes you feel good, they will start listening for songs that make them happy, and they will bring those songs into their lives.

2. Dance Together

Feeling that rhythm in your bodies is fun! Kids love to move around to music. Getting silly, and jumping around the room to music you love, is a great way for your child to associate music with good times. It’s an easy way for mom or dad to burn off calories, too.

3. Play Together

Coming up with simple music games can be a source of endless amusement. How about “Where’s the One?” When a child can find the downbeat of a measure, he or she starts to feel more connected with the way songs work. Or, in the style of Biz Markie, imitate the rhythmic sounds with your mouths – beatboxing comes naturally to pre-schoolers.

4. Record Your Ideas

Just hearing their own voice recorded on your phone can be a true delight. Come up with silly little melodies, record them into Voice Memos, and listen back!

5. See Live Music Together

Every weekend, there are outdoor shows, and other child-friendly places to let them see real players with real instruments. Seeing great singers creating their art in person can make a young person want to try it for themselves.

6. Sing Together

Sing along with the car radio! Sing songs about brushing your teeth, or washing the dishes, or drinking your milk. Singing around the house – and showing them that it is natural to sing – can plant the seeds of pitch, intonation, and phrasing. Plus, you’ll have a good time.

To try voice lessons at our music school, give us a call at 513.772.7900. And remember: enjoying music is contagious. The more your kids see you enjoying music, the more they will enjoy it and want to learn how to make it themselves.