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Staying Frosty on Your Instrument During the Summer

“Staying Frosty” is a term that we believe originated in military circles, but it refers to alertness. Preparedness. Freshness.

“Stay frosty” means, basically, “stay on your toes.” “Don’t get sleepy.”

And, when it comes to your instrument – whatever instrument that may be, and your voice is certainly an instrument too – the summer is a time when your frostiness is at risk.

But Don’t Let Your Musical Instrument Get Cold!

Some students of music let their skills atrophy during the summer. They return to band or orchestra or choir in the fall, and they do not sound nearly as good as they sounded back in May.

Do not let this happen to you!

As a musician in training, you can use the Cincinnati summer months to your great musical advantage. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t dive fully into summer recreation – by all means, go to the pool, go to the lake, and play with your friends to your heart’s content. But if you carve out a part of each day to work on your music, you will love how you sound by summer’s end.

Some particularly motivated musicians double up during the summer. They go from one lesson each week to two lessons each week. They have twice as much free time (at least twice as much), so they can make twice the progress.

And by the time auditions and chair challenges begin in the fall, these music students are leaping ahead to first chair.

That could be you. If you would like to truly excel in your singing, or your playing, or your musicianship, increasing your lesson schedule during the summer may be the perfect choice. Contact Toedtman School of Music today to reserve your summer schedule well in advance of school letting out for vacation.