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Listening To Music (Not Just Studying It) Helps Concentration

What is a flow state? Computer programmers and scientists talk about a flow state – or a mental space in which progress is made smoothly and efficiently – using similar language to that you might read about an exceptional athlete. In basketball, being “in the zone” for three-point shots is comparable to being in a flow state and accomplishing great work.

If you able to reach a flow state, you may see improvements in your writing. You may carry out the work necessary to reach a breakthrough in your laboratory work. Or, as the British musicologist Dr. Rupert Till writes about in this article, you may find your study habits to be more effective:

Music Can Help Children Focus

Many educational researchers have found music to assist in helping students learn, and these studies show that listening to music – not just classical music, but many varieties of musical styles – can help us block out distractions and accomplish the primary task at hand.

And, while we here in Cincinnati actively encourage adults and children alike to study music performance and take music lessons with us at the Toedtman School of Music, we also encourage you to listen to music at home. While you study, while you work if you are able to do so, music listening can be beneficial in a myriad of ways.

A few interesting takeaways from the research Dr. Till cites in his article:

  • Extroverts tends to prefer familiar music, while introvert tend to favor new sounds
  • Complex thinking is aided more by instrumental music than vocal music
  • All-night study sessions are marathons, not sprints, so avoid very uptempo tracks in such cases

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