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The Balance Between Music Lessons and Homework

When parents enroll their children in music lessons here in our Cincinnati studio, sometimes questions arise about the balance between taking music lessons, practicing, and completing school assignments.

Music & Academics

The truth is, musical practice can help a student – from elementary school through college and beyond – in his or her academic pursuits. Practicing instrumental passages and vocal performances can help relax some parts of the brain that may be taxed by academic work. Stepping away from the books for a regular routine of musical practice can re-invigorate a student, and the musical expression provides a stimulating outlet.

Often, students will add their daily practice time into the middle of their homework or academic preparation. As a break between book- and research-based work times, playing music can refresh a student’s mind and spirit.

Finding A Balance Between Music & Life

Our music teachers understand the rigors that high-achieving students face with their daily schedules. Knowing the school schedule in advance – including the timing of travel, important test weeks, and other events – can help the teachers plot out a sequence of lessons that coordinates well with the students’ busy lives.

If you ever have concerns or questions for our teachers, please do not hesitate to approach us. We understand how musical pursuits dovetail with other interests and other work. And while practicing at home is indeed crucial for musical development, and necessary for the lessons to work as intended, enjoyment of the musical journey is also vitally important to both students and teachers.

Cincinnati Music Instruction

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