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The Value of Learning Duets

In many endeavors calling for diligence and sustained effort, finding partners can help immeasurably. If you are learning tennis, or starting a running routine, or embarking on a weight-loss regimen, you can do yourself a great service when you find a peer pursuing similar goals. You motivate each other and keep each other on task. You also increase your accountability; you accomplish what you need to accomplish in part because you owe it to your partner. Your partner is showing up prepared, so you should as well.

This social approach to motivation is germane to musical study as well. Here in Cincinnati, we are fortunate to find ourselves surrounded by many musicians at a similar level of study to ourselves. One way to engage with our musician peers is to work on duet repertoire.

Ask your teacher at Toedtman School of Music about duets. You may have a duet partner in mind – perhaps a fellow member of your orchestra or concert band – or you can ask your teacher to recommend a duet partner.

Depending upon your instrument, you may find a broad range of repertoire for duets on the same instrument — two guitars, two violins, or two clarinets, for example – or it may make more sense to pair with another instrument. Composers have developed many features for bass and flute, trombone and trumpet, guitar and viola, and more. The combinations are endless, and the repertoire is varied.

If you are a piano student, playing accompaniment for another instrumentalist is not only a terrific way to sharpen your skills, but can prove to be a lucrative source of gigging income once you become adept at accompaniment.

For private and group Cincinnati music lessons that can help your duet performance and learning, contact Toedtman School of Music by calling 513.772.7900, or by filling out our online contact form.