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Why Music Lessons in Cincinnati are Good for the Soul

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Studying music is a form of therapy. As a therapeutic pursuit, it is uniquely holistic and multi-disciplinary.

Hearing music and engaging in deep listening is a form of healing. Performing and practicing music – using your body to create melodious sound – is an even broader source of enrichment.

Woodwind Music Lessons

As a woodwind student, or as a voice student, your lessons involve breathing, centering and strengthening your respiratory system. This is not only helpful for your tone, but a marvelous boon to your physical health and mental well-being. Focused breathing is a meditative, spiritually beneficial part of many self-care practices.

Physically, using your body to create music is central to all other instruments too. The repetition and muscle control of running arpeggios on a piano, or playing scales on a violin, can help a music student in a myriad of other, often un-discussed ways. The focus and internal quietude that comes from meditative, repeated motion is only amplified by the sound. The tone that the instrument produces can enhance that relaxing focus.

Bass Instrument Lessons

Bass instruments – and the bass octaves of pianos — are terrific for helping center yourself. Playing along to a piece of recorded music, and enabling your fingers to help amplify the “base” of the song, can provide a sense of relief and calm. That core foundation of the song is often felt in those deepest, most resonant tones.

There are a variety of ways in which the study of music can be a meditative, healing pursuit. The ritualized, formalized “time without talking” of your daily instrumental practice can help quiet a mind that is otherwise stirred up with work, school, or other sources of stress.

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