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Starting a Family Band in Cincinnati

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Do you have a child who is old enough to take private music lessons? Are you a musician, a “former” musician, or an adult who wants to begin playing an instrument?

Learning music at the same time as your child can make for a bonding experience like no other. Each of you are on parallel paths as you develop confidence in your performing abilities, and each of you learns new tricks that you can share with the other.

No matter what the instruments are – trumpet and piano, flute and guitar, tuba and accordion – there are crossovers between the two. There are duets that you can play. You are both learning – or improving – music reading, so exercises in which you both learn music from the printed page can be fun too.

Whether it is as a duo, a trio, or a larger ensemble, you can consider forming a family band.

Developing repertoire to play together is a chance for both of you to think creatively. You can write originals, find sheet music, or develop your own arrangements of existing songs.

In Cincinnati, there is a variety of performance opportunities for a band featuring young musicians and older players. In such a family-friendly city, there are many venues that cater to all-ages musical experiences.

Some American folk music styles have a glorious tradition of family bands. Bluegrass and gospel family bands have thrived in the Midwest and South for more than a century. Bands in which, say, the mother plays upright bass, the father plays banjo, and the kids play fiddle and mandolin – these types of family ensembles have toured regionally for decades, and legions of Nashville players have come from this legacy of terrific family musical groups.