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What’s the Right Age to Begin Music Lessons in Cincinnati?

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The question of when to begin music lessons is often debated. We have all heard stories of people who were “forced” to take lessons at too young of an age – or took lessons which were more repetition and discipline than fun – and it turned them off from music. First and foremost, we want to avoid that. For some young people, though, an early exposure to group lessons may complement their natural love for rhythm, movement, and melody.

When Is The Right Time To Start Music Lessons For My Child?

Every child is different. No two siblings are the same, much less children from different families. While one child may naturally gravitate toward singing and dancing, others may have a more internal response to music, and this is perfectly natural.

Music should be fun. For young kids, music should be joyful and playful. This is the most crucial key to music appreciation, and to a potential future as a practicing musician – that the person associates music with play, with entertainment, and with smiling and laughing.

Babies’ initial exposure to music comes with parents singing lullabies. Nursery rhymes, cooing musical sounds, rocking and cradling in rhythm, and smacking toys to make sound: these are all ways that babies can play and have their first musical interactions.

Our group classes for infants, Wee One, includes movement, listening, and singing. We also introduce some basic instruments.

For toddlers, singing and moving is a fun way to move from parallel play into collaborative play. Little People is a great way for toddlers to play with Orff instruments.

Pre-school is the earliest time any young child might begin individual lessons. Group lessons are often the best way to begin, and our Big Kids Now sessions include instruments, Kodaly singing, and listening for musical forms and the elements of music.

For Cincinnati music lessons at our Sharonville studio – on drums, piano, bass, double bass, guitar, woodwinds, trumpet, violin, viola, and voice — contact Toedtman School of Music by calling 513.772.7900. Remember, our first music lesson is free!