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Group Guitar Lessons in Cincinnati


For people just beginning, guitar lessons can be a bit nerve-wracking. Thus, the comfort and ease of a group setting can be a warm welcome. Here in Cincinnati, Brian Armor leads an “Intro to Guitar” group course that is aimed at students with little to no background on the instrument.

Learning chords together, as well as the basics of music theory and the layout of the fretboard, makes for a light and conversational entry point for guitar. Students can help each other, and develop camaraderie together as fellow beginners.

Brian looks at a variety of styles over the six group lessons, including Rock, Blues, Folk, and Classical. In a little over a month, new students start to develop the facility that will help them learn songs on their own, accompany themselves, and even write their own original compositions.

The primary lessons in “Intro to Guitar” lay the groundwork for future study, either as one-on-one students or as solo learners. Here are the topics we cover together:

  1. Fundamental Techniques
  2. Music Theory
  3. Notes on the Fretboard
  4. Chords and Strumming
  5. Reading Music Notation (including tablature)

Brian Armor, the leader of this group course, has taught guitar in the Tri-State for more than two decades. He has founded and performed in many successful local musical groups, and is well-versed in Folk, Rock, Blues, R&B, and Classical styles, among others.

After earning his B.A. in Liberal Arts at the University in Cincinnati, Brian wrote his own guitar methods book, which he uses in the group lessons. His style of teaching is that of an approachable, easygoing friend, and he is well acquainted with the various ways a new guitarist approaches the instrument. He adapts quickly and easily to individual students’ learning styles.

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